Check out our latest outreach event at KXAN’s Studio 512 Kids Day!
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Check out the Best of Texas, Photographers choice in 2014 article in Texas Parks and Wildlife!

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Ticks 101: How to Avoid, Identify and Respond to Ticks this Summer

Dragonfly research at the University of Alabama

Current research on dragonflies funded through Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Ever wonder how to tell the temperature with the sound of a cricket?? Check out this video of John Abbott describing the technique!

Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine’s did a special on our photography and the amazing insects in the UT Insect Collection called “Inside the Insectarium“!

Here are some links to the article in the Austin Chronicle  Damselflies on the Ceiling of Your Mind

John was honored with the Hamilton Book Awards Winners at UT Austin for the Damselflies of Texas

Hot Science Cool Talks at Environmental Science Institute John Abbott’s Insect Talk!

International Science Grid This Week did an article on “Adding more eyes to track continent-wide dragonfly migrations”

Austin American Statesman Ladybugs, spiders, crickets, ants and bees: Insecta Fiesta has plenty of these

My San Antonio also did an article on Insecta Fiesta called “Butterfly Beat”