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Common Insects of Texas

Insects of Texas and the Surrounding States is a field guide to the common insects. The majority of this book is designed to help you identify common species occurring in the state. There are nearly 1,300 species and more than 2,700 photographs represented in this field guide.

Dragonflies of Texas is the definitive field guide to these insects. It covers all 160 species with in situ photographs and detailed anatomical images as needed. Each species is given a two-page spread that includes photographs of both sexes and known variations when possible, key features, a distribution map, identification, discussion of similar species, status in Texas, habitat, seasonality, and general comments.

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Damselflies of Texas is the first field guide dedicated specifically to the species found in Texas. It covers 77 of the 138 species of damselflies known in North America, making it a very useful guide for the entire United States. The illustrations in this book not only allow you to see the key characters for identification but are beautiful pieces of artwork themselves.

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This is the first guide to dragonflies and damselflies of the south-central United States. The book covers 263 species, representing more than half of the North American fauna. The area of coverage significantly overlaps with other regions of the country making this book a useful aid in identifying the dragonflies and damselflies in any part of the United States, Canada, or northeastern Mexico.

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