Hunt for Margaritas

I know what you are thinking, just go down to the nearest TexMex place and get yourself one! Well a really good margarita is hard to find! We are looking for Somatochlora margarita, or the Texas Emerald nymphs! Yup tiny little dragonfly babies in streams across east Texas. The adults of this critter are rarely photographed unless you net them and take a picture in your hand!
We have spent every other week in east Texas and Louisiana since the middle of March looking for these little guys. In total it took about 63 man hours to find 2 nymphs, which means we wanted the alcoholic margarita every night we did not find a nymph!

Texas Emerald 20150317_4427

Final instar nymph, first ever discovered in the wild!

Young adult male, show at top of blog, (eyes not green yet) representing new early flight date of May 20th 2015!!

We have actually had a really good time looking for the nymphs. Ken Tennessen came down from Wisconsin and enjoyed the warm rainy east Texas weather. We were able to pull all sorts of information and ideas from him on how to find this critter. We can not thank him enough for coming down and helping us!


Next, we will be looking for exuviae as they emerge followed by more places to find adults flying. We also will be on the look out for any mating behavior. Stay tuned to our margarita adventure!

Huge thanks to Texas Parks and Wildlife for funding this research!

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